Peering DB

PeeringDB is a non-profit organization focused on facilitating a neutral
platform for peering coordinators, Internet Exchanges and facilities to
exchange information about peering.

Whether you are an established IP backbone network, or are just
beginning to consider peering and are exploring potential locations,
"Who can I peer with, and Where?" is one of the most important questions
which must be answered. Historically, the only lists of potential
peering partners at a given exchange point or carrier neutral colo
facility have been maintained by the individual operators of these
services. These lists have also proven to been very sparse on
information, sometimes very difficult to keep up to date, and have
rarely included detailed information about a potential peering partners'

Historically people have actively solicited information from networks
who are peering, in order to compile a list of the locations and basic
policies under which those networks peer. Unfortunately, this process
has often been difficult because of the technologies used to collect and
distribute the data. Posing free-form questions about network locations
and peering policies tends to result in a wide variety of answers being
given, and in different formats which are difficult to maintain. Also,
distributing in spreadsheet form make it very difficult to obtain and
use, and therefore very difficult to keep current.

PeeringDB builds on this process by providing a single centralized
source where peering networks can maintain their own information for all
exchange points and private interconnection facilities worldwide. By
providing the end user networks with a single source, and a simple and
automated web interface, we hope that they will be able to easily
provide and maintain this information over the long term.

PeeringDB 2.0 is now up an running for almost exactly one year. This
presentation gives a brief recap on what PeeringDB is and an update what
has been achieved in 2016.

CEE Peering Days is an international conference of experts directed at network engineers, peering coordinators, internet providers, cloud administrators and data centre operators in the Central and Eastern European Region.

Since 2013 the conference regularly attracts around 200 participants and has been continuously supported by sponsors from the Telecommunication and IT community from across Europe.

The programme combines technical workshops with professional presentations and offers plenty of time and space for social networking and bilateral talks.

The conference in 2017 is planned as a two-day event at the Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana and will include a social evening in the centre of Ljubljana on 22nd March.

The conference will be hosted by NIX.CZ, NIX.SK, and

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